Lavender & Black Roses

I made this partly out of nostalgia for 2000s-era personal sites, and partly out a desire to learn webdev skills. They, along with this site, are definitely WIP.

I also wanted to express my creativity online without the limitations of modern social media platforms. Right now, I have sections on this site for my art, hobbies and other interests.

If you're here, there's a good chance you too feel how stifled the modern Internet has become. Eventually, I'd like to have links to resources and cool sites for web explorers and fellow nostalgics.

I'm just here to have fun online again.

crate of flowers

You can call me lavender-black, though I also go by Crackomint around the web.

I am nonbinary. You can use any pronouns to refer to me.

I enjoy reading, making art, and (occasionally) writing.

I like florals (can you tell?), pastel bumper goth bumper, kawaii, and galaxy aesthetics.

I play video games, especially moddable ones.

I'm also into the virtual pet and monster-raising genres.

You can find my old Wordpress blog, where I mostly talked about modded video games, here.

And here is my Flickr, where I post screenshots.

guestbook and pen