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06/08/22 -- New additions to my Oblivion Mod Recs.

06/02/22 -- Sorry for the lack of updates; I've been really struggling with my depression lately. But today I added a new piece to my gallery, added links, etc. I hope to have more updates soon.

04/29/22 -- New review up for ART SQOOL.

black cat with yellow pansies

04/20/22 -- Made some new adoptable kitties.

04/15/22 -- Decided to separate out my graphics to their own page, and added some new ones to boot! :)

04/14/22 -- New artwork for the gallery, and a new character on my Elder Scrolls page!

04/07/22 --Added some more Oblivion recs, and also created a List O' Modlists for those interested in more curated recommendations for Oblivion modding.

04/06/22 -- Created an Oblivion mod recs page. This is something I've planned to do for a minute, so I'm glad to at least get a start on it.

03/26/22 -- Wrote a review for Hypnagogia 無限の夢 Boundless Dreams.

03/12/22 -- New review up for Global Dragon Egg Conservation. Feels good to write up one of these again.

03/09/22 -- Updated my Stardew Valley page with links to some modding resources.

stuffed bunny with a bow

03/03/22 -- Made a stuffed rabbit for the graphics page.

02/22/22 -- It's been a minute since I updated, whoops. Just been struggling with my depression lately. But at least today I added some new art and quiz results, gonna try and get back on track :).

01/23/22 -- Started my Pokemon Crystal playthrough.

purple bunny with a purple rose

01/21/22 -- Made a new page for adoptables! Something I've been wanting to do for a while. Planning on updating it with new pets I make and find! :)

01/19/22 -- New review up for Mendel.

01/15/22 -- Concluded my Pokemon Yellow playthrough, and made a page for Minecraft. Note to self, I really need to make some mod rec lists for the various games I play. Also added some anime and manga to my interests, cuz you know I'm weeaboo trash lol.

potted moth orchid potted african violet potted peace lily

01/13/22 -- New pokemon update, and a bit of site pruning. I enjoy thinking of this space sort of like a garden; working on it really helps my mood when I'm stressed. ^u^

01/11/22 -- Updated my Pokemon Yellow playthrough, and put up some houseplants I pixeled! Also added a lil mood widget dealie to this page. Want to maybe try and make this a little more of an actual blog rather than just status updates for the site.

01/10/22 -- Review for Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica.

01/05/22 -- New review up for GNOG.

peach bubble tea green bubble tea purple bubble tea

01/03/22 -- Made some boba tea for the graphics page. <3 boba tea ;)

12/31/21 -- Managed to get in one more review before the end of the year! Hope 2022 is a good one.

12/30/21 -- New art in my gallery.

12/21/21 -- A new review, another petsite added, and some text links on my links-out page!

12/15/21 -- Started a game reviews subsection in my writing page. For now, it's just a place to put my thoughts on some indie games in the big Racial Justice and Palestinian Aid bundles. Have a bit of backlog to go through, so I'll post them up over time.

12/14/21 -- Made a section of my graphics page for quiz results! In case you wanted to know that kind of fairy I would be. ;)

12/11/21 -- Added a new tab for my writing! Still under construction for now. I'm planning to put reviews there, maybe even a section for my cringe poetry.

12/07/21 -- Site needed more lace ;)

12/06/21 -- Wrote a little section on my atheist witchcraft page describing my Tarot practice.

12/02/21 -- Added some christmas deco to the front page, and put them up as usable graphics! :D

11/27/21 -- Edited my site button just a teeny bit, because it was bothering me. Totally going to re-do all the site graphics as some point, because I'm not satisfied at all with them :,)

11/26/21 -- Created pages for a new project: my Pokemon series playthrough!

11/22/21 -- Made an interest page for ARK:Survival Evolved.

11/20/21 -- Added some digital art to my gallery! Also gave all the images mouseover text.

11/16/21 -- Made a page showcasing some of the pet games I play/played. Also made it a little more obvious which interests have pages associated with them!

teddy bear with hearts

11/15/21 -- Added some new graphics to my collection, and this cute teddy bear I made! :)

11/13/21 -- Added new art to my gallery!

11/11/21 -- I've added a guestbook, linked on the home and links pages! :D

11/08/21 -- Added a new graphic, and updated my Elder Scrolls page with some of my other characters. Also added a link to my Flickr on the homepage.

11/06/21 -- In what will surely become a theme, I forgot to mention yesterday's updates. Sprucing up pages, adding links, making things a little less sterile. I really hope the update spam isn't too obnoxious, ^ ^;. Having my own site is just new and exciting! I have so many plans, haha.

11/04/21 -- Added some graphics to relevant pages, including some of my own stuff!

11/03/21 -- More minor fixes, also linked my old Wordpress blog and filled out a bit of my Elder Scrolls page.

11/02/21 -- Fixed the Interests page a bit, and started compiling my graphics collection.

11/01/21 -- The site is live! Still heavy WIP, but I wanted to stop procrastinating and put something out there!