Lavender & Black Roses

The Elder Scrolls

TES IV: Oblivion, two soldiers ride down a tree-lined road

Probably my favorite game franchise, in terms of hours played. I especially enjoy modding The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. You can find me on Nexus Mods as Crackomint, though I've only released a few mods myself. I also have a list of mod recommendations for Oblivion.

For those interested in modding Oblivion, I also have a List of Modlists, including beginner friendly and vanilla+ lists!


Meet my current character, Ariellea, an arcane archer of mysterious origin.

And here's Dives-Dark-Waters, a wicked old Argonian necromancer.


My current character, Rishada, a Redguard Spearwoman of House Redoran.

And this is Caitin, the Nerevarine of my (almost!) vanilla playthrough.


Here's Minnia, my current Breton mage character on Skyrim: Anniversary Edition.


and I will totally get around to playing Arena and Daggerfall... one day...