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List O' Oblivion Modlists

Want to mod Oblivion, but don't know where to start? Just want some curation from the vast sea of mods out there? Here I've compiled a list of lists, ranging from Vanilla+ and QoL to graphics, to themed and personal modlists, for modern modded Oblivion.


Through the Valleys -- A modlist that aims to be vanilla+ and beginner friendly, tweaking the game without adding a ton of new items or overhauls. Also has a Wabbajack install, if you use that tool.


Bevilex Modlist for Oblivion -- A comprehensive overhaul of Oblivion's graphics, while also focusing on stability and performance.

Heartland -- Wabbajack install, forked from Bevilex's guide, that focuses on visually overhauling Oblivion.


My Mod Recs -- Mods I use and recommend. Skews more towards smaller/less popular mods not featured in other modlists.

Oblivion Comprehensive Modding Guide -- Large curated list of mods, meant for either beginners or experienced modders. Several options suggested for some areas depending on taste.


GlitterGear's Blog -- Contains a number of themed modlists, from dungeon mods, main quest mods, thievery mods and more.

Exhaustive list of new content/quest/dungeon mods -- Reddit post with recommendations. Links to even more recs in the comments!