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Atheist Witchcraft

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I practice an atheistic form of witchcraft. That means that I do not believe in any deities, spirits, or supernatural phenomena. I embrace aesthetics and ritual to make changes in my mindset. At the same time, my skeptical views help me avoid the more problematic aspects of modern witchcraft, like feeling the need to use endangered plants or dubiously-sourced crystals or else my spells won't work. I know that my "spells" are powered by placebo and positive thinking -- and they're still effective! If you find the ideas here resonate with you, I recommend you check out resources like the Skeptical, Atheist, and Science Seeking witchcraft subreddit or the Placebo Magick podcast.


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I use Tarot cards as a form of meditation and ritualistic introspection. My preferred deck is the Rider-Waite-Smith. I draw a daily card, and also periodically do spreads based on the lunar cycle.

Though they have no power to predict the future, I find the cards useful for keeping me grounded. When I'm feeling unsure of what to focus on, the cards help me decide; when I'm discouraged and confused, the cards help clarify my situation, and often, show me a path forward.

My favorite book on Tarot so far is Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom. While not atheistic, Rachel Pollack emphasizes more the psychological/introspective aspect of Tarot, and I find her interpretations personally meaningful.