Lavender & Black Roses

My Modded Play Diary

Day 104

a stone brick room with two small openings, the feet of zombies can be seen through one opening

I took a zombie and a skeleton spawner each and set up this double farm! This will be a great source of mob drops and experience. Apotheosis allows me to mess with spawner parameters, but that requires resources I don't have at the moment. Still, something to think about in the future.

Day 108

a bedroom with a red carpet, bookshelves and a jukebox, and a lofted bed

I finally made myself a proper bedroom! Now I don't have to sleep in the gatehouse. Lighting and deco is still WIP, but I think it's cozy so far.

Day 111

the player character stands in front of a large wooden house

I've been out exploring!

I went looking for a desert to find cactus. I also found this cool building from Integrated Dungeons and Structures, a mod that makes use of mod-added blocks and items to integrate them into your world.

Day 115

a stone platform high in the air, white lights shine above a drawn ritual

Mana and Artifice has rituals to create elemental Motes, used in crafting and other rituals. Each of these rituals has specials conditions, such as this Mote of Air needing to be above the clouds to be created. So I pillared up and made a sky platform! It's a bit chilly up here.

Day 116

the player levitates above a spinning blue fan

I made those motes to make this Slipstream Generator! It can levitate me above it, as well as safely bring me back down. Now I can start with new layers to my base.

This may be a lot of fuss for an elevator... but it's a magical elevator ;P

Day 119

a rickety wood and thatch construct stands assembled on an armor stand, next to a short lectern-like block

Mana and Artifice has constructs that can do tasks for you. This Wickerwood construct is the simplest one I can make, but hopefully he can handle a small tree farm. It'll be interesting to compare them to Thaumcraft's golems.

Day 129

a floating construction of glass, wood, beds and stone, with villagers encased inside

WELP, unfortunately I hade a bit of a fail. I tried to build an iron farm! It sort of worked, only I guess I housed the zombie a bit too close to the iron golem spawning platform, and it got killed. Then it turned out some of the golems weren't falling down into the collection platform properly, and I'd have to move the whole thing over. I said "Nah" to that. There's other ways of farming iron in this pack, eventually. Still, this does make me appreciate how much effort goes into making vanilla farms! Anyone who does this properly has more patience than I do, that's for sure.

So it's been a while since I last updated. The truth is, with the above failure and some other setbacks, I was getting burnt out on this world. So since I wasn't having fun any more, I decided to update my pack and start anew! I'll leave this page up, so that I don't have to repeat commentary on certain things in the new game.

Abandoning a world is always sad, but it's important to move forwards! I'm looking forward to new and better things.

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