Lavender & Black Roses

My Modded Play Diary

Day 1 (again)

morning on a grassy field by a beach, with palm trees in the distance

It's time for a new beginning! I've spent some time updating my 1.18.2 modpack. Some mods have been added and some removed-- we're currently sitting at 302 mods loaded.

I found a nice seed to start afresh. Truth be told, all that underground building in the old world was cramping my style. This place has lots of room to spread out in! There's structures nearby, too, for future adventuring.

In fact, there's a ruined Tower of the Wild a stone's throw from spawn. I got myself a new Paraglider there. Not much farther, there's a broken Nether Portal. The chest there had an Inscrutable Eye. I'm pretty sure this eye is meant to spawn in one of the first chests you open in a world. I guess Creepy Voice From Beyond is eager to get to know me.

Day 9

a path leading to a small wooden cabin

I've built myself a small cabin, using Maple Wood from Autumnity and Walnut from Ecologics, both of which make for pretty nice materials. The windows are Macaw's Windows.

The house comes not a moment too soon. I've already had a Blood Moon from Enhanced Celestials, and those are pretty rough without a base to retreat to. Now that I've at least got a roof over my head, I can breathe a little easier. I've got some more building to do, as I always like to have at least a small storage area rather than live out of scattered chests. I've also got to cover up the nearby ravine (I've already fallen in once, lol).

Day 17

a square room filled with chests and drawers

I've got a basement, with plenty of early game storage! Maybe a little overkill at this point, but I'd rather have too many chests than too few.

When I wasn't working on that, I was exploring the nearby area. Some places are a bit too hopping for me at this point. I did, however, manage to defeat an Apotheosis boss in his lair, and in the chest he was guarding I found a Magnetic Ring! This item from Enigmatic Legacy will pull in items near me, very handy.

I scavenged some armor, and also made a backpack from leather generously donated by Wandering Trader llamas. Now I really need to sort out my food situation. I've been living off walnuts, which are a pretty poor food source. But in order to start a farm, I need a bucket, and I haven't stumbled on any iron yet. So a little mining is in order.

Day 21

an irrigated farm field surrounded by fences

I have a farm! This small field won't be enough for my needs forever, but at least it'll keep me fed for now. Next up is animal pens. I've found cows and sheep nearby, though I'll probably have to hunt for the other animal types. That can wait until I have a better way of moving mobs around-- I hate leads and luring.

Day 23

fenced in areas corral cows, sheep, and chickens

Well, that's animals taken care of for now. I did end up finding chickens, but only one sheep. The poisonous berries nearby probably got its friends. Need to keep an eye out for more.

a brown squirrel looks at the player

I also used some walnuts to befriend a squirrel. I think I'll call her Sandy. I don't have a pen for her, but she can stay in my house for now. A housequirrel, if you will.

Day 26

a small room surrounded by stone, with a ladder going upwards, a sign reads Diamonds & Redstone

My new mineshaft has reached bedrock. Along the way I found an amethyst geode, which will be handy when I get into Ars Nouveau. I also found a dungeon; in the loot were some Tarot Cards, accessories with powerful effects.

Day 28

the player character standing in a room, carrying a spellbook

I've got my Ars Nouveau spellbook, and I'm ready to mine! See you in a while.

Day 33

a golden butterfly sits in a glass bottle on a shelf

I took a brief break from mining to chase butterflies. The Lil' Wings mod adds a variety of cute butterflies to your world, all with various uses. This Butter Gold butterfly makes, well, butter, which can be used to make delicious cakes.

Well, break time's over. Back to mining!

Day 62

the player character stands in front of a grove of trees

Whew, that was a lot of mining! I enjoy it, though--for me, mining means just chilling out and watching Youtube on another monitor. And now I have a good stock of minerals to play with! Plus, I found several dungeons and structures underground, with plenty of goodies to help me gear up. The wider world is full of perils! On that note, I think it's time I got a basic enchanting setup.

Day 65

a small room with bookshelves, candles, and an enchanting table in the center

Well, I've got a basic setup at least. This will probably go through substantial upgrades as time goes on due to the Apotheosis mod.

My next project is much grander in scale. I'm not a builder by nature, so I don't know if I'll be able to translate the vision in my head to the game, but I guess we'll see how I do!

Day 73

a circular building made of deepslate and stone brick, lit with magical sconces

It may not look like much yet, but this is the start to my grand wizard tower! I envision adding floors as needed for various magic mods. It'll be a while before I add a roof. I handle building best in small doses.

Day 75

a circular room filled with gold and purple apparatus

Here's the first floor of my tower, dedicated to Ars Nouveau. Lining the outer edges are imbument chambers dedicated to crafting essences, a key crafting ingredient in the mod. In the center is the Enchanting Apparatus. This not only crafts items for Ars Nouveau, but also serves as an alternative to the vanilla enchanting--you can get the exact enchants you want, for a cost.

Day 81

a small farm field filled with plants and a small squirrel-like creature

I've created an automatic bonemeal farm! The cute Starbuncle from Ars Nouveau will harvest Source Berry plants and store the items in a chest, which gets hoppered into a composter. I can use this as a source of, well, Source from Ars as well.

Day 82

the player character stands wearing robes holding a spellbook

There are multiple ways to become a better spellcaster in Ars Nouveau. One is to learn more of the Glyphs that make up your spells. The more Glyphs you know, the more mana you have to cast with.

Another way is through your equipment! Wearing robes increases your spellcasting abilities, and they can be enchanted to provide even more power!

Day 88

a small dark brick room, the feet of many zombies can be seen standing above hoppers on three sides of the room

I harvested some spawners and made this triple zombie xp farm! It was a lot of work to set up, but this should give me lots of experience! Now I just need a way to store all that xp for safekeeping. That's probably a ways in the future, though.

Day 99

the interior of a small shack, with an auto-fishing contraption

The next mod I want to work on is Occultism! But in order to do that, I need ink sacs for written books. For some reason, no squids are spawning in the nearby waters. So I made an autofisher! I was wanting to do this anyway, so it works out.

Day 100

It's always hard starting over in a new world, but I think I'm making good progress! There's lots to do, and many adventures to go on. Onwards and upwards!

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