Lavender & Black Roses

My Modded Play Diary

Day 102

small gray-skinned humanoids stand around a couple of chests

I've summoned up a Foliot ore processing setup. This is as far as I can go for now with Occultism. I got lucky with Glowstone in my previous world, but this time, I'll need to reach the Nether to make further progress. I'm not quiiite ready to do that. (I'm not scared of the Nether, no way! I'm just, uhhh, biding my time.)

Day 106

two large yellow birds stand in a straw-lined stable

I've tamed a couple of chocobos! These guys are from Chococraft. Unlike my 1.12.2 series, this is the base Chococraft, not Chococraft Plus. For now, I've got at least a breeding pair. I never got far along with breeding Chocobos before, so I'm hoping I have better luck this time!

Day 108

an ominous purple portal swirls, surrounded by dark blocks

Okay okay enough being scared. It's time to do some Nether delving! I've got a golden helmet and enough building blocks to make a quick base. Here's hoping I don't get a terrible spawn!

Day 110

looking upwards from a pit of netherrack

I spawned in a Crimson Forest. No immediate threats, but I apparently spawned in boss bar range of a Netherite Monstrosity, a modded boss I am nowhere near ready to face!

I quickly built a shelter for my portal, then headed out to explore. Glowstone and Quartz were quickly found, thankfully. No convienient Fortress, unfortunately. I guess a bit of an expedition is in my future.

Day 114

a small dark humanoid stands in the middle of a summoning circle

I've upgraded to a Djinni ore crusher! Always good to stretch those mineral supplies. For this world, I've got a goal to summon the highest tier of demon, a Marid! That'll be difficult and dangerous, but it's something to aim for.

Day 117

a line of small boats waits at a dock

I've made a better auto-fisher! The adorable tiny boats are added by the Little Logistics mod. In front is the Steam Tug, which runs off solid fuel. It pulls a line of Auto-Fisher Barges, which will trawl the waters. At back is a Chunk-Loading Barge to keep everything loaded in. The boats will follow a set route; when they return to the docks, the fishing barges will dump their haul.

It's super cute, and way better than fishing myself! All I have to do is keep the tug supplied with fuel, and I'll have fish for days.

Day 121

a contraption of spinning cogwheels and gearboxes powering crafting items

I'm getting into Create! Create is a very neat mod that uses rotational power to accomplish various things. It's big, and complicated, and I have a hard time grasping some of its concepts. But if I work at it, I can use its power in a lot of cool ways!

Right now, I'm just getting started with its various crafting mechanics. To make some of the more useful items, I'm going to need to alloy Brass, which requires a Mixer powered by a Blaze Burner. The Blaze Burner is in fact a captured Blaze. So back to the Nether I go! There's a mod-added biome near my spawn that can possibly spawn Blazes, but unless I get lucky, I'll need to find a Fortress. But I can get some help with that!

The Explorer's Compass is an item that locates structures, vanilla or modded! This will point the way to the nearest Fortress. Once I find it, I'll plop down a Waystone for easy travel back and forth.

Day 123

a great basalt statue of a Wither looms over a Nether Fortress

I traveled over a thousand blocks, but I found it. Thanks to Yung's Better Nether Fortresses, the structure has been massively overhauled. I'll have more business here later, but for now, it's enough to quickly capture a Blaze and leave.

Day 126

a circular fenced-in area with a line of saws and deployers passing through a field of oak saplings

I built a tree farm with Create!

This is a basic "circle farm" setup. Deployers plant saplings, and a line of saws cut down grown trees. The dropped items are deposited into a chest. It may be simple, but it was a challenge for me to implement properly, so I'm proud of myself. This setup is very versatile and can be used for crops, or even adapted to farm animals!

Day 132

an Enderman stands next to a spawner with a lever on top

Apotheosis spawners are really powerful. Not only can you move them around, but you can modify them in various ways. You can use a spawn egg to change their type, add redstone control, remove their AI, and so on!

I lucked out and stumbled upon an Enderman spawn egg in a chest, so I made an Enderman spawner! I haven't really got the means to make it an efficient farm or anything, but this still beats the pants off running around at night looking for them.

Day 134

a contraption with chests leading to chutes and conveyor belts leading to furnaces

I gathered Ender Pearls to help me create an auto-charcoal contraption with the products from my tree farm! Ender Storage expands on the vanilla Ender Chests with color-coded linked storage. In the above picture, the farm produce is sorted: acorns & such are composted, sticks are sent to a trash can, while logs are sent to an auto-smelting setup. The charcoal collected is sent to another Ender Storage chest; there'll be plenty of use for it, such as automatically fueling my Little Logistics tugboat!

Day 137

another circular field of saplings, saws and deployers

I've made another tree farm, this time for the wood itself rather than charcoal. The products are dropped into locked drawers, so they should keep a good supply going. I may have to build more of these farms, so to avoid getting too repetitive I'll avoid mentioning them unless they're significantly different.

Day 144

various contraptions on a wooden floor

I'm trying to pretty up my Create area a bit. I hate to say it, but this is turning into one of those "stuff on the lawn" sort of bases. What can I say, I'm not a builder. At least I can try to section off the area a bit with some different flooring, so hey, it's technically not on the lawn!

Day 146

fiery brown flowers sit on a grassy floor, with beams of green light beaming to rocky pools

I'm dipping my toes into Botania. I did a lot with Botania in my 1.12.2 series, so I'm not sure how far with it I want to go this time. This Endoflame setup will have to do for a while, since unlike last time I don't have that cheesible Astral Sorcery interaction for infinite mana. Oh well, this should be enough to get me some basic toys.

Day 148

fiery brown flowers sit on a grassy floor, with beams of green light beaming to rocky pools

I'm improving my mobility!

I crafted up the good old Rod of the Skies from Botania. This can get me airborne so I can glide with my Paraglider! It's not quite as OP as the hang glider from my 1.12.2 world, as my gliding time is limited by my stamina bar. Still, this will make getting around easier.

I also made a Belt of Levitation from Ars Nouveau, which lets me hover above the ground. It also works above the surface of water or lava!

Day 154

a squat dark block sits above a hopper and a chest

I've summoned a djinni miner!

The demons from Occultism will mine ores extradimensionally. It's expensive to make their magic lamps, but the result is ore from nothing! Hopefully this will keep me from having to mine a little bit longer.

Day 157

a crystal matrix floats on a plinth, surrounded by stabilizers

I'm exploring magical storage solutions. Occultism offers extra-dimensional storage I can access anywhere. The amount of storage is upgradable, and just the Tier 1 stabilizers in the above image give me over a thousand different slots for items! Unlike more technological storage mods, there's no autocrafting capability, but this is still very convienient.

Day 162

a ghast sits inside a glass and brick enclosure

I caught a ghast!

The mod Crying Ghasts makes Ghasts near player periodically shed tears, allowing them to be sustainably farmed. I traveled to a Soul Sand Valley and scooped up the first Ghast I saw in a Forbidden and Arcanus Quantum Catcher. He's now safe in his enclosure, and I've named him Happy. He's a very happy Ghast! Don't mind that it's a bit of a tight fit in there. Maybe that's why he's crying.

Day 166

silver stabilizers surround a dimensional matrix

Well, Happy is not so happy any more. He suddenly died! Maybe the enclosure really was too small. At least I got a good number of tears from him.

I used those tears to upgrade my dimensional storage! Now I have more than I think I'll ever use. The next upgrade requires Nether Stars, so it's a bit out of reach, anyway.

Day 168

dark brick bookshelves, candles and amethyst clusters surround an enchanting table

I've started improving my enchanting setup. Apotheosis allows you to break the limits of vanilla enchanting through new tiers of bookshelves. I've just crafted a set of the first upgrade, the Hellshelf. Hellshelves can themselves be enchanted to infuse them with more power. This requires a minimum of level 45 to achieve, though, and experience is tight for me at the moment.

Day 173

small horned humanoids dance in the center of a group of mobs

I made a magical mob farm!

The little horned guys, Drygmys, will collect drops passively from mobs around them. They get a bonus to their efficiency based on how many types of creatures are around! They also collect experience in item form, which I sorely need. And of course, they're super cute with their little dance.

Day 178

the player character, wearing red and gold robes, stands atop an enchanting apparatus holding a spellbook

I'm tiering up in Ars Nouveau. With a Tier 2 spellbook, I have access to new and stronger spell Glyphs! And I have these nifty new robes, too. The next tier requires a challenging boss fight, so this will be as far as I go for now, but I'm eager to explore my newfound powers!

Day 180

trapped wither skeletons in a walled enclosure, through a window can be see a blaze

I added Blaze and Wither Skeletons to my Drygmy farm. I don't know if the Drygmy can get skulls off the Skeletons. It'd be nice, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Free Blaze rods are nice, though!

Day 188

bees buzz around flowers in a wood and glass enclosure

It is time. Time for BEES.

I made an attempt at resource-producing bees in my 1.12.2 world via Forestry. I never got very far, but it was still fun! But Forestry isn't updated to this version. Instead, we have Productive Bees. This implementation builds off the vanilla bee mob, so to get started, I'll have to farm them! It'll be interesting to compare them to Forestry.

Day 190

a wooden building with hanging lanterns

I've built a base for my bee operations. This is where I'll process the materials from my bees and do mad bee science. I'm not sure just how much space I'll need, so it's pretty small for now. I like the sappy logs from Autumnity that look like they're oozing with honey.

Day 196

the player character stands behind a block with books on top

I spend some time at my xp farm and infused some Hellshelves, and made this Enchantment Library! A block from Apotheosis, it's a neat way of storing enchanted books. Books are converted into "points" in enchantments that can then be extracted into a custom book!

Day 200

Things are going well! I've got some automated resource farms going, nifty demon-powered storage, and I'm slowly uncovering the secrets of magic. There's still a lot to discover, though: mods I haven't even touched, and new lands to adventure in. Ever onwards, ever upwards!

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