Lavender & Black Roses

My Modded Play Diary

Day 301

atop a gold and shimmering rock platform several items are bathed in orbs of pinkish light

I built Mythic Botany's Mana Infuser, an upgraded version of Botania's Terrestrial Agglomeration Plate. With it, I made my first piece of very expensive Alfsteel! I used it to upgrade my Terra Blade into an even stronger form.

Day 306

honey bottles travel along conveyor belts, draining into a large fluid tank

My honey farm was getting backed up, and I had to keep making more bottles for the Bottler machine. That wasn't sustainable, so I devised this automatic honey bottle draining system. It should keep the filled honey bottles cycling through to drain into a large Create fluid tank, then the empty bottles are put back into the Bottler. After I took this screenshot, I replaced the tank with a fluid Trash Can. If I really need more honey later, I can always put the tank back.

Day 309

a Gold Bee flies around a hive in the Nether Wastes

I want more gold, so let's use bees! Different Bees can spawn from Bee Nests placed in certain biomes. Gold Bees spawn from Nether Gold Nests. It's a bit of a waiting game to spawn bees, but the process can be sped up with Honey Treats! It's a good thing I have lots of produce from my vanilla bee farm.

Day 311

young and old Gold Bees fly around a beehive in a glass dome

That's a full box of five Gold Bees! These bees aren't as productive as my Coal Bees. Their Advanced Hive can take upgrades to increase their production, but that'll require a bee that can only be got from the End.

Day 314

a vast wooden mansion rises above the forest floor

I decided to go for another adventure! This time to a Woodland Mansion. I've never actually raided one of these before, mostly because I never cared much about Totems of Undying. But several recipes in this pack call for one, so here goes nothing!

Day 315

a mansion and a large pyramid rise out of a dark forest

Those Evokers and Vindicators were pushovers. But they delivered; I got three Totems! That should be enough for my needs-- if I do want more, I guess I'll have to finally engage with the Raid mechanic.

I also spotted another one of Yung's pyramids. I wanted a shot at redemption for mucking up that first one, so I'm heading inside. Hopefully the puzzles work this time.

Day 317

a dimly-lit throne room lined with banners and cobwebs

The puzzles worked! They opened the way to a maze of twisting hallways in the underbelly of the structure. It took me days of navigating, but at last I reached the throne room and a whole horde of mobs! Defeating them let me claim their loot, including diamonds, emeralds and an enchanted golden apple!

Day 319

a group of Blazes and a red demon burn in the center of a chalk pentacle lined with skulls and candles

In order to summon higher tiers of demons in Occultism, I need different kinds of chalk. Red Chalk specifically requires Afrit Essence, obtained by summoning an Afrit unbound by a pentacle. Unfortunately, unbound demons really really want to kill me!

The Afrit popped in with a small army of Blazes, who rudely photobombed the above picture. Still, I sent the demon back to the Otherworld and obtained his essence, opening the way to new heights of occult power.

Day 322

a fountain burbles in a large stone chamber underground

I've put it off long enough! It's time to go fight the Ender Dragon. Finding the stronghold was easy enough with my Explorer's Compass. But this is Yung's better strongholds, much bigger and more grand than the vanilla ones. It may take me quite some time to explore and find the portal.

Day 325

a lit End Portal glows above a pit of lava

I actually found the End Portal right away! But I still took my time exploring and looting. Most of the loot in the stronghold was minor, though I did get some diamonds and enchanted books. Now all that's left is to face the Dragon herself. My Inscrutable Eye spoke up when I lit the End Portal. Guess he's excited, too. Well, here goes nothing!

Day 326

a dragon egg sits above a bedrock portal in the End

Dragon is done and dusted! I even remembered to grab some breath for crafting recipes. Before I return to the Overworld, there's some things I can do. Mythic-tier Apotheosis bosses spawn in this dimension, so I'll want to farm them for drops. Draconic Bees can be found here, too, and their produce is a crafting ingredient for Production Upgrades.

Day 328

the Wither sits trapped beneath a bedrock portal in the End

While I was in the End, I decided to engage in some good ol' Wither cheese. While my Drygmy farm can't pull skulls directly from Wither Skeletons, it does harvest skull fragments from the mod Wither Skeleton Tweaks. So I have a plentiful supply of skulls. I got myself a dozen Nether Stars for various purposes.

Day 330

several items float in sacrificial bowls in a pentacle surrounded by skulls and candles

I've upgraded my demonic storage! Tier 3 Stabilizers give me over a thousand slots for items each. Since I'm only using about 800 currently, this should give me plenty of room for the forseeable future. There's a final upgrade available-- as expected, it's crazy expensive. Not a big priority right now.

Day 332

floating items on pedestals are drawn to an altar above a magic circle sitting on a dark stone forge

Forbidden and Arcanus adds a new crafting mechanic with a multiblock Hephaestus Forge. Aside from being another way of enchanting items, this forge has a ritual to create a certain powerful item called an Eternal Stella. The Stellarite ore needed to make it is extremely rare-- I've only found one in this world! But the Eternal Stella, when combined with an item in a smithing table, makes the item completely unbreakable! A very precious item indeed, but I have some ideas for it...

Day 333

items sit in sacrificial bowls in a huge pentacle lined with skulls, crystals, and candles

A Marid miner demon is the fastest and best miner in Occultism. It can even produce Ancient Debris! Their magic lamp is extremely expensive. But combined with an Eternal Stella, it has infinite durability. The result is free ores, forever!

Day 334

a large purple humanoid stands flanked by two smaller demons

All that ore coming in will need to be processed. At last I've completed my goal of summoning a Marid crusher! This is Occultism's top-tier ore processing; the demon can crush a single ore into six dusts!

Day 339

a large dark brick wizard tower with a purple and magenta roof

I think I'm finally done adding floors to my wizard tower, so I added a roof. It could definitely have come out better-- I really struggle with roof shapes. But at least the structure looks more complete now, rather than being a big deepslate pillar.

Day 341

spiralling towers of purple stone and strange trees rise out of the barren islands of the End

I want Mythic affixes on my armor, so it's time to go hunt bosses in the End. Most of them aren't terribly dangerous to me, but they do usually spawn as Shulkers, which are annoying to fight. While I'm here, I might as well look for End Cities to loot.

Day 344

a huge glowing cyclops golem readies an attack

While searching for End Cities I found a strange, maze-like citadel, filled with traps and guarded by large Ender Guardians. This was a dungeon from the Cataclysm mod! Deep beneath the maze was a huge golem-like creature. I attacked him and broke his helmet, revealing him to be piloted by a Shulker! He fell beneath my blade, and the citadel was silent once more.

Day 345

an End Ship floats in the barren End

I looted four End Cities with ships and got four Elytra. But it was the Dragon Heads I was after-- they're an ingredient in the final upgrade to my demon storage system. I'll also need blocks of Occultism's Iesnium Ore, but that'll just need a bit of time from my Marid miner.

Day 349

bluish-silver storage stabilizers sit on columns pointing to a floating dimensional matrix

I've completed the final dimensional storage upgrade, doubling the space once again. At over eight thousand slots, I'm confident this is more than I'll ever need.

I also outfitted my armor with a set of Mythic affixes, the highest tier of power in Apotheosis. Each piece was also socketed with one of the most powerful gems in my collection. I'm probably even more godlike than I was in my 1.12.2 series. Muahahaha!

Day 354

a blue pillar sits on a platform of stone and bricks

I want to upgrade my altar to the next tier. To do that, I'll need Bloodstone Bricks, which are crafted from an item that can only be found in the dungeons of the Demon Realm. I carried out a ritual to create an Inversion Pillar, a gateway to this mysterious, hostile world. Well, I've been doing a lot of exploiting demons through Occultism, only fair that they wouldn't be hospitable. Dungeon delving I will go!

Day 357

a large altar with pillars of glowstone and blood bricks sits in a large stone room

The dungeon was rather underwhelming, to be honest. Just a few small interconnected rooms. But I found what I was looking for! Tau Fruit, a demonic plant, has an interesting growing mechanic. It can grow normally on farmland. However, if it grows with a mob standing on top of it, it will suck the life from the mob and become Saturated Tau. Gruesome! I grew some Tau with the help of a volunteer cow, and finally upgraded my Blood Altar to Tier IV. This lets me access new items and rituals.

Day 359

colored ritual stones sit in the ceiling above an incense altar

Beneath my Blood Altar I've placed a ritual called the Well of Suffering. It will automatically damage mobs, creating LP in the Altar. I also upgraded my Apotheosis spawner with a Nether Star, so it'll spawn mobs even when I'm not nearby. This finally lets me automate LP production, so I don't have to stand there all the time stabbing mobs with my dagger. I also added new blocks around my Incense Altar, so my self-stabs will also generate more LP.

Day 368

a wonky deepslate floor, half circular, half oval

I spent days terraforming for my next project, a boss arena! I wanted to use a Blood Magic ritual, Focus of the Ellipsoid, to build it. Days of fidding with a Ritual Tinkerer got me... half a floor. This was really unintuitive and frustrating! I might just fill in the rest of the floor and leave it there for now.

Day 369

a scrambled entity draws in pink energy from floating pylons above a beacon

I decided to break in my boss platform with a couple fights against Gaia! It's really no threat to me at this point, so things went smoothly. I got enough Gaia Spirits to craft some items, including my beloved Flugel Tiara. At last I have personal flight!

Day 370

a dark humanoid with floating pixies stands in the center of a purple aura

And just for grins I fought Gaia II as well. Among my prizes was the Ring of Loki, which apparently lets me place blocks en masse at the cost of Mana.

Day 372

a mottled bestial creature crouches over a ritual brazier

Ars Nouveau has a ritual to summon a powerful boss called the Wilden Chimera. This boss has three phases. After depleting his health once, he regenerates and grows spikes, hurling them around the arena. Depleting his health again has him grow horns and charge you! Finally, upon his final defeat, he drops a Wilden Tribute, an item used to upgrade your spellbook to Archmage Tier-- which unlocks powerful Tier III spells!

Day 377

a bluish-gray stone room with a fountain of blood and warped trees

The final upgrade to my Blood Altar requires Demonite, a material only found deep within the Demon Realm. I created a new Inversion Pillar and ventured in. This realm was far more hostile than before, and hard to navigate, with fake walls and dead ends. I needed four blocks worth of the stuff, so it took a while, but in the end I got what I needed. Thank goodness for 6x ore duplication.

Day 378

a huge tiered Blood Altar, ringed with many runes and Hellforged Blocks

With this, I have a Tier V Blood Altar, the final tier of Blood Magic's progression. I mostly just did this to say I did it.

Day 380

the top of a prismarine and bone tower can just be seen sticking out of the water from the depths of an abyssal trench

I'm out to scale another tower! This one generates deep in the ocean. It grants me water breathing while inside it, so I won't have to worry about drowning, but there's a lot of mobs to fight and treasure to find!

Day 382

in an underwater chamber filled with swirling bubbles a cyclopic golem waits

This time I descended the tower, swimming down from the top to the bottom. It was harder to navigate than the land tower, what with the magma blocks and soul sand creating bubble columns, and having to fend of Guardians and trident-wielding Drowned. At the bottom was another monolith. I inserted the tower's keys, along with the Eye I'd gotten from the land guardian, and called forth the guardian of the depths. It was a wall of HP and summoned adds to defend it, but I persevered, and it too perished along with its tower.

Day 384

standing in a field of soul fire, a huge lava-encrusted golem creature shoots fireballs at the player

I finally took on the beast encroaching on my Nether portal! The Netherite Monstrosity shoots fire and lava, and has 500 health! When the monster finally fell, it dropped an Infernal Forge, a hammer that can be right-clicked to cause damage in a wide area. Also, its custom boss music finally quieted, which was nice.

Day 386

a fiery warrior wielding a massive shield and sword menaces the player

I hunted down one of the toughest bosses in the Cataclysm mod! After finding the arena, I first ventured down into its underbelly to face the spinning shields of the Ignited Revenants. They dropped ashes, which I took back above and sacrified on the altar in the center. This summoned Ignis, a huge fiery warrior who deals damage as a percentage of your health! I fought him twice, and each time he dropped the rare Ignitium Ingots, a crafting ingredient for some special items.

Day 387

the player character, wearing a large horned helm, along with a fiery shield and runed fiery sword

I used the boss drops I'd collected to make a Monstrous Helm, Bulkwark of the Flame and Incinerator! They each have special abilities, but more importantly, they look really cool!

With that, I think I'm done with this world. I'm practically invincible, I have all the resources I could ever need. There's more I could do, mods I never even touched, but I feel like I've reached the end of my journey.

It was a fun ride, all things considered. I feel like it could have lasted longer, but it's hard to balance such a large collection of mods in a satisfying way. I'm glad I got to experience several mods' progressions all the way to the end. Some mods I'm eager to experience anew, others I'd be happy to never play with again (looking at you, Blood Magic).

Thank you for reading thus far and sharing my modded adventures with me. I hope this format wasn't too disjointed. Sometimes I think I'd be better off making videos, but that's a lot of effort for what would probably be little more of an audience. We'll see if I want to change things up next time. But until next time, bye for now!

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