Lavender & Black Roses


Bundle Reviews

In the past couple years, I purchased a couple charity bundles on, with the proceeds going to racial justice and Palestinian aid respectively. If you're familiar with these bundles, you know they're absolutely ginormous, with over two thousand games, assets and assorted material between them.

I've slowly been going through and playing games from these bundles; I figure I might as well put some of my thoughts on them here. If you also purchased these, or just want to find some cool indie games to play, I hope my reviews are useful. Also check out the site Random Bundle Game to either pick a random game or filter through the contents of the bundles.

Update: I've also purchased the Trans Rights in Texas and Ukraine Aid bundles.

Update Update: Most recently I've purchased the TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Florida bundle.

Other Game Reviews

I've decided to branch out and make reviews of some of the other games I play, unconnected to the Itch charity bundles. These reviews will vary widely from older to newer games, indies to big studios. Expect to see a lot of monster-taming/raising and RPGs. I've also been getting into solo TTRPGs, so you might see those as well.