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12/01/2023 -- New review up for the game Plant Therapy. Can confirm: it's pretty therapeutic.

11/05/2023 -- Feels weird coming out to my own website, but I've been identifying as nonbinary IRL for a while now and I decided I should probably add that to my About section. I'm kind of a private person, which is why I don't have stuff like my a/s/l listed. But this is kind of a big part of my identity and it felt kinda bad keeping it hidden. Idk. We'll see how it goes.

10/19/2023 -- Added my latest Morrowind character, Rishada, to my Elder Scrolls page.

08/30/23 -- New review up for the game Vintage Story.

06/30/23 -- I wrote a review for The Sims: Complete Collection. Very contemporary, I know.

05/03/23 -- Bit of a behind-the-scenes update, but I've reorganized some of my pages. I hope I fixed all the broken links, sorry in advance! I've learned enough about web design to know that I've created this whole site very inefficiently. There's the urge to scrap it all and start anew. But at the same time, I like my messy little site, warts and all. Idk. I guess I'll never be completely satisfied with what I've created.

04/28/23 -- After 10,000 years, I've finally updated my Pokemon Crystal 251 playthrough. It feels good to finally make some progress in my series retrospective again. A whole new generation has come out in the meantime, but hey.

04/23/23 -- I've decided to write reviews for games I play outside of the Itch charity bundles. Not surprisingly, my first review is for a monster-raising game, Monster Rancher 1 DX.

I'm also considering playing Neopets again... someone get me an intervention :P.

04/12/23 -- My first review of 2023, for the diving horror game Oceanwork.

01/09/23 -- Added my latest Skyrim character to my Elder Scrolls page.

11/27/22 -- Began updating my Minecraft blog again. Not sure how frequently I'll be posting, since I've just started a new job, but it felt good to post some progress.

08/27/22 -- I'm back! And I've decided to start a little blog with my latest Minecraft playthrough. You can read it here!

06/08/22 -- New additions to my Oblivion Mod Recs.

06/02/22 -- Sorry for the lack of updates; I've been really struggling with my depression lately. But today I added a new piece to my gallery, added links, etc. I hope to have more updates soon.

04/29/22 -- New review up for ART SQOOL.

black cat with yellow pansies

04/20/22 -- Made some new adoptable kitties.

04/15/22 -- Decided to separate out my graphics to their own page, and added some new ones to boot! :)

04/14/22 -- New artwork for the gallery, and a new character on my Elder Scrolls page!

04/07/22 --Added some more Oblivion recs, and also created a List O' Modlists for those interested in more curated recommendations for Oblivion modding.

04/06/22 -- Created an Oblivion mod recs page. This is something I've planned to do for a minute, so I'm glad to at least get a start on it.

03/26/22 -- Wrote a review for Hypnagogia 無限の夢 Boundless Dreams.

03/12/22 -- New review up for Global Dragon Egg Conservation. Feels good to write up one of these again.

03/09/22 -- Updated my Stardew Valley page with links to some modding resources.

stuffed bunny with a bow

03/03/22 -- Made a stuffed rabbit for the graphics page.

02/22/22 -- It's been a minute since I updated, whoops. Just been struggling with my depression lately. But at least today I added some new art and quiz results, gonna try and get back on track :).

01/23/22 -- Started my Pokemon Crystal playthrough.

purple bunny with a purple rose

01/21/22 -- Made a new page for adoptables! Something I've been wanting to do for a while. Planning on updating it with new pets I make and find! :)

01/19/22 -- New review up for Mendel.

01/15/22 -- Concluded my Pokemon Yellow playthrough, and made a page for Minecraft. Note to self, I really need to make some mod rec lists for the various games I play. Also added some anime and manga to my interests, cuz you know I'm weeaboo trash lol.

potted moth orchid potted african violet potted peace lily

01/13/22 -- New pokemon update, and a bit of site pruning. I enjoy thinking of this space sort of like a garden; working on it really helps my mood when I'm stressed. ^u^

01/11/22 -- Updated my Pokemon Yellow playthrough, and put up some houseplants I pixeled! Also added a lil mood widget dealie to this page. Want to maybe try and make this a little more of an actual blog rather than just status updates for the site.

01/10/22 -- Review for Celestial Hacker Girl Jessica.

01/05/22 -- New review up for GNOG.

peach bubble tea green bubble tea purple bubble tea

01/03/22 -- Made some boba tea for the graphics page. <3 boba tea ;)

12/31/21 -- Managed to get in one more review before the end of the year! Hope 2022 is a good one.

12/30/21 -- New art in my gallery.

12/21/21 -- A new review, another petsite added, and some text links on my links-out page!

12/15/21 -- Started a game reviews subsection in my writing page. For now, it's just a place to put my thoughts on some indie games in the big Racial Justice and Palestinian Aid bundles. Have a bit of backlog to go through, so I'll post them up over time.

12/14/21 -- Made a section of my graphics page for quiz results! In case you wanted to know that kind of fairy I would be. ;)

12/11/21 -- Added a new tab for my writing! Still under construction for now. I'm planning to put reviews there, maybe even a section for my cringe poetry.

12/07/21 -- Site needed more lace ;)

12/06/21 -- Wrote a little section on my atheist witchcraft page describing my Tarot practice.

12/02/21 -- Added some christmas deco to the front page, and put them up as usable graphics! :D

11/27/21 -- Edited my site button just a teeny bit, because it was bothering me. Totally going to re-do all the site graphics as some point, because I'm not satisfied at all with them :,)

11/26/21 -- Created pages for a new project: my Pokemon series playthrough!

11/22/21 -- Made an interest page for ARK:Survival Evolved.

11/20/21 -- Added some digital art to my gallery! Also gave all the images mouseover text.

11/16/21 -- Made a page showcasing some of the pet games I play/played. Also made it a little more obvious which interests have pages associated with them!

teddy bear with hearts

11/15/21 -- Added some new graphics to my collection, and this cute teddy bear I made! :)

11/13/21 -- Added new art to my gallery!

11/11/21 -- I've added a guestbook, linked on the home and links pages! :D

11/08/21 -- Added a new graphic, and updated my Elder Scrolls page with some of my other characters. Also added a link to my Flickr on the homepage.

11/06/21 -- In what will surely become a theme, I forgot to mention yesterday's updates. Sprucing up pages, adding links, making things a little less sterile. I really hope the update spam isn't too obnoxious, ^ ^;. Having my own site is just new and exciting! I have so many plans, haha.

11/04/21 -- Added some graphics to relevant pages, including some of my own stuff!

11/03/21 -- More minor fixes, also linked my old Wordpress blog and filled out a bit of my Elder Scrolls page.

11/02/21 -- Fixed the Interests page a bit, and started compiling my graphics collection.

11/01/21 -- The site is live! Still heavy WIP, but I wanted to stop procrastinating and put something out there!